HYFIFRESH: Best Institutional and Corporate Caterers in Delhi NCR

Aviral - 28th Nov 2022
HYFIFRESH: Best Institutional and Corporate Caterers in Delhi NCR

Everyone loves great meals. I bet you do too. Food is one of the human fundamental needs. Be it food for college students, corporate professionals, or otherwise, good food is at the center of everything. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, your stomach always cries for satisfaction, just as your body seeks nourishment.


Are you in Delhi NCR or its environs? There's a new word in town. A popular one at that. A word you may not be privy to. It's called HyFifresh! HyFifresh is not just one of the best corporate caterers in Delhi NCR, it's the best among them all. 


What is HYFIFresh?


If you are looking for institutional caterers in Delhi NCR, you won't go wrong with HyFifresh. HyFifresh has been operating for well over 12 years. It has been providing delicious, sumptuous, tasty and healthy meals to corporate and institutional organizations over the years. HyFifresh is a well known catering trader firm. The company has provided catering services to a good number of high profile organizations. One of the biggest institutions it has served is Sharda University. Sharda University is a leading University in Delhi NCR. The university occupies well over 63acres of land with an approximate number of thirty thousand students.


Here, we provide cheap and healthy food  for college students and corporate professionals. Please do not misconstrue the word "cheap" as used above. It's not to say, the service is of low quality. No! Not at all! It's about providing meals at a fair cost yet not compromising on quality and quantity.


What The Name Stands For

HYFIFresh is short for:

  • Hy=Healthy
  • Fi=Fit
  • Fresh

HY= Healthy: While other caterers think only about the taste, at HyFifresh, we think of your overall health. Knowing that you want to live a healthy life, we go the extra mile to meet your needs. We know that what you eat contributes to a large extent to your overall well-being. So, when we prepare delicious meals, we do it in such a way that your health is put on the fore.


FI= Fit: Our meals keep you physically fit. We know that you want to maintain your body shape, and keep a strong body frame. In our services, we put this into consideration, while you still enjoy your meals to the fullest.


Fresh: Our meals are usually freshly prepared. When we prepare food for college students, corporate professionals or in events, we know that our audience love it as fresh as now, so we serve you what meets your imagination.


For us at HYFIFresh, unlike others,  providing catering service isn't just about providing nice meals. If it was so, we would be just one other caterer out there. What makes us the best corporate caterers in Delhi NCR is the extra mile we go for our clients.


When we serve our clients, we take a lot of things to mind. We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, and provide the kind of service that meets imagination. 


Our Strength


  1. Inhouse staff: As the best corporate caterers in Delhi NCR, we have a team that is always ready to serve. This is why we can supply or make any meal available on an urgent call. Our staff also undergo periodic health checks in line with regulatory requirements.
  2. Security: While making cheap and healthy food for college students, corporate professionals or private customers, we ensure that our environments are properly secured. Our outdoor services are also secured to complement the ones provided by our customers. This helps to make sure that all our audience are protected while enjoying their tasty meals. Incidents like stampedes as a result of the rush are also prevented with appropriate security measures.
  3. Hygiene: This forms part of our core principles. We adopt best practices from the point of purchasing condiments to the point of serving meals. With these strict hygienic principles, we make the best institutional caterers in Delhi NCR and corporate caterers of high repute. The equipment are also properly washed and kept neat to avoid disease transmission.
  4. Diverse Menu: With several years of experience, we are the most knowledgeable corporate and institutional caterers in Delhi NCR. Our menu is diverse to a point that you can find nearly all Indian meals in it. You can't beat that, I bet! No one can compete with us in this aspect. Our menu covers special meals like gluten free diets, vegetarian diets, or diabetes specials.
  5. Rules and Regulations: No organization functions without rules and regulations. In preparing food for corporate professionals or college students, we observe all rules and regulations. In serving and all the processes in-between, we observe strict regulations as set out by the company. Our staff, and even our clients are properly guided to follow the rules and regulations in order to have a smooth service.
  6. Regular Training: As the best corporate and institutional  caterers in Delhi NCR, our staff undergo a series of training and retraining. The training spans from food handling, crowd control, communication skills and many more. We do this to ensure that we are always at the peak of the game. The training also keeps the members of staff from the top to the bottom, abreast of company policies.


Our values 


As a firm that puts our clients at the forefront of everything we do, we have a set of values that serve as our watchwords.


  • At HyFifresh, we have excellent communication skills. We take the pain to explain every grey areas to our customers, no matter how flimsy their concerns may sound.
  • We take the time to understand our customers and their needs. When we feel that they don't have much knowledge on the field, we take out time to properly guide them and allow them to make decisions.
  • In our approach, we are responsible, welcoming, and professional. We don't take anyone for granted. We place a premium on mutual respect.
  • We create a great working environment for our staff, and a spectacular service for our customers. This we do to ensure that everyone leaves happy, with a good impression of themselves and the company.


Why You Should Hire Us

We do not intend to clap for ourselves, but it's important you know that we are special in a lot of ways:


Registered: As the best corporate caterers in Delhi NCR and institutional caterers of high repute, HyFifresh is registered and approved by the appropriate government agencies to deliver catering services. As a responsible organization, we  respect the process, rules and regulations of our host community or goverment. No cutting corners in our approach. All we do is in line with the laws of Delhi and India as a whole. 


  • Experience: We are over 20 years in this business. Our experience is a major reason to hire us. Why? In these years of delivering quality catering services, we have never been found wanting on any issues relating to our service to customers or keeping to standards set by regulatory bodies.
  • Staff: We hire the best staff. Our members of staff are knowledgeable and highly experienced. In picking our staff, we consider their level of involvement in the field and their willingness to serve, not just for the paycheck, but for passion.
  • Training: We constantly train and retrain our members of staff in every department to ensure that they work to achieve the goals of the organization. Having a properly trained team is a perfect tool to keep our service to clients in top form.
  • Recipe: HyFifresh has developed an unparalleled, special recipe. Our unique touch at every stage of preparation is second to none. This is our top secret. A secret no other caterer may ever know. This unique recipe is one of the major reasons our customers always come back for more.
  • Relationship With Clients: Our relationship with clients is unique. We are not just out to deliver rash service and get your paycheck. No! In fact, that comes at the bottom of the scale of things. We have perfect communication skills that clear all doubts in our customers. There are no hidden ideas. We leave everything bare for our clients to see and choose what's best for them.
  • Security of Staff and Customers: As the best institutional caterers in Delhi NCR, we provide our services in schools and other institutions with the security of our clients in mind. We take appropriate measures to ensure that there are no issues of overcrowding or even stampedes.
  • Friendly Staff: Our staff is friendly and welcoming. We don't have to be the ones to say this. Check out what our happy clients say about us below. When we serve, we do so out of passion. That helps us handle our clients with utmost care.
  • Hygiene: Our meals are prepared in the most hygienic way ever. As professionals, we employ the best practices in food handling. Doing this may be demanding, but we rather bear the pain of the process than subject our esteemed customers to health risks.


Our Services


  • University catering: This involves catering services to universities. Some of the high-profile universities our company has served include; Sharda University. In this great institution, we managed three messes at the same time, serving over five thousand(5000) meals every day.
  • Institutional Catering: hospitals, and correctional facilities such as prisons, and orphanage homes, all fall under this category. We provide effective catering services to such institutions as well.
  • Corporate catering: Office complexes, banks, and industrial outfits, all belong here. Food for corporate professionals is provided to make sure that members of staff don't have to go outside the office complex
  • Elite events: Birthday parties, wedding parties, marriage anniversaries, and many more.
  • General administrative activities
  • Personal management
  • Organizational policy implementation and facilities management across assignments


Frequently Asked Questions 


  • Does HyFifresh make home delivery?

    • Answer: We make any kind of home deliveries. Be it for single or family. We make those kinds of special deliveries daily. If you need cheap and healthy food for college students or your home, you can reach us, and we will be there before you say, Jack!


  • Can your company deliver in a period of national emergency?

    • Answer: At HyFifresh, we have the capacity to deliver food for corporate professionals, college students, and other requests at all times. We take the risk on your behalf because we care about your well-being. Our team has professionals at all levels. Even in the heat of the Covid-19 regime, we delivered great, healthy meals. Our happy customers testified that our meals were a major drive to their quick recovery. So, yes! We deliver even in periods of national emergencies.


  • Is HyFifresh planning on expanding to other parts of India, or the world at large?

    • Answer: Yes, of course! We are not satisfied with being just the best corporate caterers in Delhi NCR. We want more! HyFifresh has a burning desire to reach every nook and cranny of India, and the world at large. We understand that people all over the world are in dire need of quality catering services. It would be our pleasure to expand with a blast. However, we want to take things one step at a time, in order not to compromise on our standards.


  • Does your company serve in special events like wedding ceremonies?

    • Answer: Whatever the event, we have the capacity to serve in it. We have served in numerous marriage events, birthday parties, and graduation parties, and a host of other events as well. If you need our services on any occasion, just get in touch, and we will work with you to achieve success.

  • Does the company undertake a long-term contract?

    • Answer: The company is open to a long-term contract. We are capable of delivering, whatever the length of service required. Be it for weeks, months, or years, you can trust your best caterer, HyFifresh to deliver.

  • What if I have an event outside Delhi NCR, can you deliver?

    • Answer: Our company has the required infrastructure to deliver within Delhi NCR and it's environs. However, for events outside Delhi NCR,  we prefer that you inform us at a distant time, to ensure that we have ample time to prepare.


  • Is HyFifresh Insured?

    • Answer: As the best corporate caterer in Delhi NCR, HyFifresh is adequately insured against any loss or accident. 


  • Do you make non-Indian meals?

    • Answer: for the moment, our major focus is on Indian meals. However, you can call to confirm about non-Indian meals. As the great caterer that we are, with our vast experience, we may just have the expertise for your international cuisines.

  • How to contact HyFifresh?

    • Answer: You can reach us via the following media, as our professional team would always be there to engage you. Please feel free to bare your mind, and express yourself. Here, we don't judge or put people down.


What Our Happy Clients Say About Our Service


Sharda University: One of the leading Universities in Greater Noida.

The meals, our attention to detail, and all that was needed were top-notch. The students were so happy with us that they kept asking about our company. They said they'll love to invite us when next the need arises. They urged us to keep up with the good work.

Institute of Hotel Management

Started the ground operation of the institution and catered to 10,000 people for over a decade.

"They couldn't have been a better caterer than this", one of the staff had said. They were happy with our service. The staff and all the people that enjoyed our nicely prepared meals were full of praise."

Auto Expo

Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers;

Catered to the core team. Served over 100 meals per day. The team was satisfied with the taste and quantity of food served to them. They never complained a bit about anything. They said that our timely service was a thing that all caterers should learn from.


Managing two different institutions(one in Greater Noida and another in Hapur)  and a total of 5 messes, serving over 4000 meals per day.

At the end of the contract, the institute was perplexed by our ability and capacity to cater so effectively, without any operational hitches.

IL&FS Engineering and Construction company  LTD(Then Maytas and Infra):

Served the workers of the construction company while they developed the Meerut-Delhi Highway.

The workers always looked forward to their feeding break. They stated that our nicely prepared meals were part of the success story for the early completion of the Highway.



At HyFifresh, we are intentional. We are not here by chance. We mean business. When we promise, we deliver, even way beyond what we promised. Our rates are fair, but what bad meals do to your health, events, and parties isn't just fair. And, we are here to put an end to that BS.

When you think about great meals and outstanding catering service, there's only one word that must come to your mind: HyFifresh! If you want to know more, why not place that call and have a friendly conversation with the best corporate and institutional caterer in Delhi NCR